St Peter’s Church, Bardon Hill
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In May 2012 we discovered that the bell structure within our church was in urgent need of repair. The bell structure was over 100 years old and had suffered from corrosion.  The bell tower area was closed off for safety reasons.

Six months later, after fundraising and some very kind donations, we raised enough money for the deposit for repair work to commence.  Taylors Bellfoundry (John Taylor & Co) began the repair process at the beginning of December.  The old frame and our two smaller bells were removed, the bells being taken to the Foundry for sandblasting and storage.  It didn’t appear that much else seemed to be happening at church but Taylors were busy at the Foundry building our new frame.

On 11th April a small group of us made a visit to the Foundry to see what progress had been made.  The picture to the left is our bell frame during construction.  

Towards the end of April, Taylors returned to church to reinstall the bells in their new frame.  

We have three bells which were originally cast and hung by John Taylor and Co in 1898/99.

The bells are a Treble weighing 4cwt 2qr 7lbs, Second 6cwt 1qr 16lbs and a Tenor 8cwt 1qr 17lbs.   The three bells all have an inscription:

the Treble “To call the folk to Church in time I chime. W.T.E. 1898”,

the Second “On holy love to set the seal I peal C.E. 1898”; and

the Tenor “when from the body parts the soul I toll J.B.E. 1898.”  

The initials are of the three Everard Sons; William Thomas, Charles and John Breedon.   Read more about the history of St Peter’s on our ‘history’ page.

We were able to see two of our bells at the Foundry.  The third bell remained in the church tower throughout the repair work.

“To call the folk to Church in time I chime.  W.T.E. 1898”

“On holy love to set the seal I peal.  C.E. 1898”

Bell Tower Project 2012/13

We hope that you, and generations to come, will now be able to enjoy listening to the bells once again.

If the bells, or the church, hold a special memory for you, we would love to hear your story.

The project came to an end on Sunday 6th October 2013 when Bishop Christopher (Assistant Bishop of Leicester) came to join us for a service of Thanksgiving for the Restoration of our Bells.  

Pictured are:



Bishop Christopher (Assistant Bishop of Leicester)

Rev Martin Joss



Pictured are:




(Taylors Bellfoundry)

together with photographic diary of Bell tower project which can be viewed in church.

Taylors describe the work undertaken as follows: “The base beams of this ring of three had deteriorated badly through rusting to the extent that a new base grillage was needed. The bells and bell frame were completely dismantled and a new galvanised steel base frame constructed. The existing cast-iron "H" frames were sand blasted to bring them back to an "as new" condition and then repainted. The restored bell frame was re-installed in the belfry, the bell fittings completely refurbished and the bells rehung for full circle ringing.”

The cost of repairing the bell frame was approx £14,000.  We are extremely grateful to those who gave donations towards the cost of the repairs and to our churchwarden, Keith, who not only managed the project but provided Taylors with labour which helped to save the church money.